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I’ve spent my research career looking into ways that people who aren’t alpha males navigate leadership, safety, and inclusion in male-dominated work. I think it’s all about technique!

Join me in talking about leadership practices, teamwork design, and safety culture. I throw in self-coaching techniques along the way, too–because a solid self-coaching practice will get you where you want to go that much faster. Especially as you lead. Welcome!

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Authentic Leadership

requires going against the grain with deep confidence

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I designed the Leader Technique™ coaching program to give people an alternative to the run-of-the-mill leadership training that's aimed at building from the strengths, and solving for the challenges, of archetypal "alpha males." This program helps you design a detailed plan for how you want to lead.

I'm looking for 30 women to beta test this program, beginning in January 2024.  Interested?

Program Content

The Leader Technique™ program specializes in leadership development and coaching support for those who want an alternative to alpha male-oriented leadership advice. Every aspect of the program is designed around helping you build a foundation for yourself as a leader, so you can lead authentically without second-guessing yourself. The three core content modules include: Dialing in your authentic leadership style; Designing your team's culture; and Developing a self-coaching toolkit.


Create a personalized plan for leading and organizing people, based on your strengths, goals, and challenges. Learn how to effectively lead and organize people, motivate them to achieve their goals, and build a high-performing team.


Identify values that are important to your team, and design routines that align with those values. Make diversity, equity, and inclusion tangible by translating these concepts into specific actions, and integrating them into everyday practices.


Learn how to identify and overcome challenges, and develop a set of strategies to support your own leadership development. Develop the skills and mindset you need to prepare for and bounce back from difficulties.

Program Features


The Leader Technique™ program includes a mix of online course content, weekly group coaching and workshopping sessions, and a private chat community--all housed within a smartphone app that you can access wherever you get a signal.

  • App Based Program - Easily access the program from your smartphone 
  • Leadership Courses - Modules on leadership, teamwork design, self-coaching & more
  • Weekly Group Coaching/Q&As/Workshopping - Dial in your leadership style and self-coaching skills
  • Private In-App Community - Grow with a group, give and get peer support

I want to make sure this program delivers what what you need. For that reason, I am recruiting up to 30 people to participate in the program in exchange for a steep discount, a commitment to 60-minute entrance and exit interviews, quick & periodic surveys, and honest, constructive feedback. Ideal beta testers for this round include women wildland firefighters.

Beta testing begins in January 2024. Scroll toward the top to enter email and name for more information.

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